Jesusmission International

About us

VISION: Revival and Salvation to all people. Making the name Jesus and the Gospel known and recognized. The vision is also to restore Biblical Faith and teaching, and the faith and Christian living as for example John Wesley, CO Rosenius, TB Barrat and Lewi Pethrus.

Healing and deliverance to everyone who comes to Jesus. Discipleship where believers are formed to be more like Jesus, in which they enter into a blessed relationship with God and where they are equipped to serve God. We travel a lot in Finland, Norway and Sweden and give out the gospel and have revivalmeetings in different Churches. We also had missiontrips to Spain, Asia and Africa. Peter has sent Christian radio and he teach/preach and Anette sing and lead worship. We live in Sweden and have our homechurch here. 


If you want us to come to your Church and have revivalmeetings and preach/teach and have outreach you can contact us on: [javascript protected email address] 



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