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Anette Testimony

I grew up in a Christian family. I heard about Jesus in my early childhood. I remember that Jesus was (and is) my best friend and I felt that He always was with me. When I was 9 years old I got baptised and I confessed my faith in Jesus to my classmates.

It did not happened so much in my Christian life from the time I was 9 to 13 years old but I was touch by the Lord in some camps for the children in the Church. When I was 13 I got filled with the Holy Spirit and His power. The Holy Spirit gave me boldness to testify to classmates about Jesus. The Churchservices I went to during my childhood were both spiritual and good, but also bad tradition and religion.

In my teens I became rebellious against the Church and then also against God. I only saw the bad things in the Church, but when I started high school I decided to follow and live for Jesus, but the only thing I knew about was a legalistic way to follow Jesus with a lot of rules based on human achievements. It became very difficult for me. In addition, I was also generally depressed. After I graduate from high school  I wanted to go to a Bibleschool and Jesus led me to a very good Bibleschool in the South of Sweden. The teaching there was truly the Word of God and the praise and worship was wonderful. I received teaching about our righteousness through faith in Jesus and I got free from legalism. I also had a very strong encounter with God. I experienced that I was completely loved and accepted by God. I felt that I was a new creation in Christ Jesus. The timidity and melancholy disappeared and I became strong in the Lord and I got the joy of the Lord. I experienced God's glory and presence constantly. The worship there was heavenly and anoined. It was like heaven. I also got baptised in the Holy Spirit and started to speak in tongues.

My Lord Jesus wanted me to move back to my hometown after the Bibleschool was finished, so it was only to obey because I had gave my life to Jesus. I was a blessing there the first year in different ways, but it was not easy. I was a believer who was on fire for Jesus and in my home Church most of the people wasn´t. I got disappointed, bitter and rebellious. So I hung out more and more with unsaved friends, I thought they were more fun than the people in Church. My Christian life was up and down in 8 years, it was Church sometimes, and sometimes the world. This was a very difficult period in my life.  

I had a friend who lived in the South of Sweden. She was a member of a very good Church there. I visited her and I felt that I should move there and I did and joined her Church. My up and down life as a Christian ended. I was renewed in the Holy Spirit and God's presence was so wonderful and delightfully over me. God transformed me. I repent from disappointment and bitterness. I forgave the people I needed to forgive and I turned away form the sins I lived in. I got free.

In 1996 I met Peter through friends and the year after I moved to the city where Peter lived and we got married in 1997. Peter and I started to serve the Lord together in different ways. We went out in the Streets and told people about Jesus, Peter led a "cell group" in our home Church and he had a Christian radio program. We went to a Bible School in Tampa, Florida and God equipped us more for spiritual service for Him. We also got more breakthrough in our Spirit lives. God's joy began to flow strongly in us, etc.. Peter started to preach and teach in different Churches after the Bibleschool.

God has transformed me so I constantly live in the first love to Jesus and have close love relationship with Him. Jesus has set me free from legalism and He has made me to a living Christian who walk in God's way today. It is possible to live a victorious Christian life, it is actually easy when you get the whole Word of God, the whole gospel, and repent from sin and let yourself be filled with the Holy Spirit every day. You need to be fully dependent of Jesus every day. We need to live by His strength and life every moment. It is in Jesus we live, move and have our being. We are new creations in Him if we are saved. We also need to have the fear of the Lord in our lives. God's love is wonderful, but it also sets limits. God loves us. Jesus died for us and saved us from sin and misery.  He can set us free from sin and misery. We don´t need to live in it any longer. God's grace is wonderful, but the grace gives us not license to live a sinful life. God's grace gives us, like the Scriptures says, power to say no to what is wrong, Amen.


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