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Do You Have A Relationship With God?


To be called "religious" does not mean that it necessarily has anything to do with God. Everyone needs to believe in something, maybe a philosophy, which explains the existence and their own existence. Different religions / philosophies and Christianity is the answer that many have chosen to believe. But, for me and millions of others, Christianity is not just a "religious beliefs". For me, Jesus and His Salvation is a relationship with a living God. A God who is very tangible and real. A God that I can literally experience in his presence and power. A God who is in my life everyday in a tangible way. As you can hear, it is not just a "religion / philosophy of life" .

Me and my wife was in Pakistan on a mission trip in 2008, as apprentices. We saw thousands of Muslims convert to Christianity, which was a danger for them. In Sweden we have seen drug addicts repent and be faithful follower of Jesus. I myself left "the world and sin" to follow Jesus. A religion or philosophy has no power to save people in Pakistan, or drug addicts, or myself. However, it is the Living God through Jesus Christ and His work of salvation on the Cross ...

As we read in the Bible, we find that both Jesus and his disciples not only gave out a religious belief. Everywhere and always God blessed with His love and grace the people who came to Him and heard His message. The people received healings from God and other miracles from Jesus. They experienced God's tangible presence and supernatural life. After the day of Pentecost believers get filled of the Holy Spirit. Supernatural and spiritual gifts appeare to the believers, in their meetings. People got healed, set free, and they met God, got filled with the Holy Spirit, and so on. And multitudes converted to Jesus. Jesus is still operate in real power, but now, throu his disciples. The Roman Empire had to change religion to Christianity, because so many people have become Christians. This was normal Christianity! And exactly the same kind of Christianity we see not only the biblical example, but in the revival in the 1800s and in the Pentecostal revival in the 1900s first half. Today, in China over 100 of millions Chinese people have become followers of Jesus and wonderfully saved. And when I got saved 17/8 -95 in my little apartment I met Jesus and God´s power.

Jesus died on the Cross, a bloody death, because God loves you. God does not want to give you a "religion", he wants a relationship with you in His love and power, in his life. That is why the Bible also teach in Mark.16: 20 that "God Confirms His Word through signs and wonders". In Joh.14: 12 Jesus says that believers should "do the deeds that he and the even bigger". We were in Hazara in Pakistan and we saw how God confirmed His Gospel / Word by miraculous: The blind got sight, deaf heard and so on. In one of the meeting there I saw in a spiritual vision from God how the Spirit of God swept through the huge crowd. I could see how Jesus touched the people. It looked like the tent roof moved back and forth by the Spirit of God. Miracles and the presence of God were poured out in the meetings and the people in Pakistan risk their lifes by accepting Jesus and His Salvation. The same presence of God was so strong when I received Jesus and Salvation in 17/8-95. So many times over the years God has done my days to wonderful days throu His supernatural peace and joy in spiritual relationship with Him. Often, God has given us healing and help in hard times.

A lifeless religion cannot attract anyone. Why should the world's children have the Christian faith if it is nothing more than another philosophy. But the Christian faith and life is not a lifeless religion when we have a relationship with the living God throu Jesus. Christian faith has also moral obligations and demands for obedience. But, Jesus is the prince of life, life itself. And there is absolutely nothing in this life that can compare with the life, one day, in eternity with Jesus, in His Presence, and Life. One moment with Christ in spiritual communion changes everything, it's so wonderful, It is joy, peace, power, glory and holiness and heavenly life with Jesus. You can experience Jesus presence in your innermost every day and hour. Sometimes more intensive, depending on if you pray, praise and worship the Lord, or if you read the Word of God, or sit in a Christian meeting were the Spirit of God is presence. If we can´t experience God´s presence in our services it's bad. And I mean both God's presence and the healing from God. This should be normal in our meetings.

The purpose of this teaching is that you should not accept a single day or hour of "lifeless religion" in your life. King David proclaims in Ps. 42: 3 "My soul thirsts for God, for the Living God. When can I come and appear before God?". Peter answered Jesus when he asked who they think he is was: "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." It is obvious that God lives, the Bible clearly declares. And what concerns us greatly is that God wants to have contact and Communion with you and me. For example, as the Bible says in 1 Kor.1: 9 "God is faithful who has called you to communion with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord." We were created to have a spiritual relationship with God. If we have this in our lives every day, the life is gunna be wonderful with God. And in the same time the unbelievers around us can se a true Christian life. Would you like it? You can remove all things that block your hunger and thirst and your desire for the living God. If you living in sin or worldliness, confess it and leave it to the Cross and Jesus. You can instead pray, praise, worship God, read the Bible, go to meetings where you can receive the Word and the Spirit. Focus your eyes and heart and thoughts on Jesus Christ the Lord. It's easy, Jesus Is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Living God is waiting for you ...

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